You’ve probably ended up on this website thinking that you will find a whole bunch of updated information about Paganism.

This blog isn’t about paganism per se. It isn’t even about religion. To us, there is no such thing as religion. Religion is just an illusion!

Now, now. Before you jump to your defenses on religion and start defending your beliefs, I believe in the teachings of religions, all religions. And that is the subject of this blog and website.

As I go on, I will reveal my story and how I came to the conclusion that what we believe in our religions, as separate beliefs from one another, is all just an illusion. And that illusion is the very thing that has manifested the evil throughout history and our reality today.

I’m not trying to preach on here or persuade anyone to change religions. If you live your religion true to its moral teachings, then you are doing just fine. But, that does;t make your religion any better than another, that’s the illusion I’m about to wake you up from.