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What is one reason why someone would keep another person ignorant to the truth?

There are many reasons. But fundamentally it comes down to control. People keep information from each other because of control and the power that it gives. Now this may be done unconsciously without the intent of gaining any control, but essentially control is what is being harnessed when keeping people ignorant.

Think about it, you have invariably kept truths from children because you want to control the outcome of how they are raised or maybe want to maintain their innocence for as long possible. Whatever the intention may be, likely for the better, you have probably one time or another have manipulated, withheld, and/or told lies to children. Why? Again, to control the outcome.

That is more of a minor example of keeping people ignorant for reasons of control. But there are people out there that know the power of knowledge and the effects of ignorance. And some people use and abuse it to their advantage, and sometimes it’s cynical.

And the illusions of religion is one of the biggest tools used by people who know the truths to control large amounts of people. The manipulation and use of knowledge by those people have influenced many for their own benefits. They used religious myths to obtain wealth, build armies, go to war, take over countries, kill, steal, and other evil doings.

Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts there are religious organizations and religious leaders that do bring positive to this world. They’ve healed, helped the less fortunate, fed the hungry, built up people’s spirits, enforce good morals and ethics, etc. Some of those people are ignorant of the truth of religions as well.

But like a weapon, the wielder’s intention defines the good or the bad use of it.

Unfortunately there are is a lot of evil being done in this world because of some people’s selfishness and hunger for more money, control, and power. They use religion, or the illusion and myths of religion as one of their tools to achieve those things.

We have to take accountability for our own ignorance and we must begin to take back the control and power of our own lives. And it all begins with knowledge…

*Disclaimer: The information revealed here may manipulate your reality especially if you follow heavily in religious beliefs. If you are content with your beliefs, then I suggest you don’t watch the upcoming video. 

Free yourself from the illusions, manipulations, and control!

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