The Illusion That Can Be Used For Evil

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What is one reason why someone would keep another person ignorant to the truth?

There are many reasons. But fundamentally it comes down to control. People keep information from each other because of control and the power that it gives. Now this may be done unconsciously without the intent of gaining any control, but essentially control is what is being harnessed when keeping people ignorant.

Think about it, you have invariably kept truths from children because you want to control the outcome of how they are raised or maybe want to maintain their innocence for as long possible. Whatever the intention may be, likely for the better, you have probably one time or another have manipulated, withheld, and/or told lies to children. Why? Again, to control the outcome.

That is more of a minor example of keeping people ignorant for reasons of control. But there are people out there that know the power of knowledge and the effects of ignorance. And some people use and abuse it to their advantage, and sometimes it’s cynical.

And the illusions of religion is one of the Continue reading “The Illusion That Can Be Used For Evil”

The Only Difference Between Religions Is What You Believe

As it has been compared in the Naked Truth video/documentary in the previous post, over 16 seemingly different religions are fundamentally the same.

The only difference is the illusions that people create between their religious beliefs. Those very beliefs are the reasons for such travesty that has occurred throughout history, even now. People believe that their religions are “the better religion”, with the “better god(s)”, the “right way” to do things, etc., et cetera. But as it has been proven and compared, with evidence, most religions teach the same morals, values, ethics, and even the same stories with the same, or close to, the same characters!

So, what have we been fighting for this whole time?

What have you been arguing for this whole time?

Why is there segregation between that religion, this religion, my religion, your religion, when they’re all the same?

For one, it’s pride. Another reason, control. Yes, control…(More on that next time)

“…The strongest part of our religion today is its unconscious poetry.” – Matthew Arnold


The Naked Truth On Religion

There is only one, and the one involves all of us.” – Plumber Hawaii


People have many different opinions about religion, beliefs, and spirituality. Throughout history, and still to this day, people have fought over those differences. But with just a little understanding of how our beliefs aren’t all that different at all, it would make the world of difference on how people view the world. It would perhaps bring more peace rather than drudgery.

Here’s a video on The Naked Truth on religion. Watch it with an open mind. If you are capable in believing what you currently believe in, you can believe that the differences between different religions are all just an illusion. Continue reading “The Naked Truth On Religion”

Has Religions Done More Harm Than Good?

The intentions are good in most religions. Religions teach many good morals to people on how to treat the rest of humanity. Religions teach spirituality to uplift people’s well being. Religions teach many practical life lessons to live life successfully and fulfill one’s passions. Some religions have teachings to keep people accountable for their own actions so that they do good unto one another rather than harm.

Many religions have a very holistic teachings to inspire us to live our lives with joy and in peace. With so many religions, most with great intentions for humanity, the world should be a better place would’t it? Well yes, we can conclude that some of our civilizations are better off today than how it was in the primitive past.

But do religions really do good than harm?

I ask this question in consideration of a few historical events such as the Crusades, the burning and drowning of witches in Salem Massachusetts, and today Arabs and Jews continue to kill each other, catholics and protestants murder each other, Hindus and Muslims assassinate and massacre each other in India and Pakistan, and Christians and Muslims continue to go at it as well.

Facts have shown that Continue reading “Has Religions Done More Harm Than Good?”

Respect With An Open Mind

This will probably be one of my most controversial website/blog I will ever publish.

I decided to write this blog to voice my opinion and perspectives of the subject(s) related to religion.

Why do I feel so inclined to write about religion? What makes me an authority on religion? Well, I’m not an authority. Again, this is just my opinion. The goal is to provide the world with my perspective and add to the collective knowledge so that we all can learn from one another as one.

My perspective is comprised of what I have learned and experienced throughout my relatively young life. I have come to my conclusions Continue reading “Respect With An Open Mind”


My first post!

What is paganism?

It is just another religion derived from another religion, that derived from another, that was taught by another, that was left to us by something greater than us.

I’m not an atheist. I’m not a devil worshipper. I’m not a pastor nor a preacher.

I believe in what religions teach. I practice to my best ability to follow the moral teachings of religions. I pray. I am grateful for everything that has been provided for me. I try to do what I am intended to do or what I am good at or passionate about. Some say it is God’s purpose for me.

But I don’t believe in the illusion that we have created on religions. That illusion is not even about what is taught in religions, but what we think differs our so called religions. The differences we think we have from one another is all just an illusion.

There is no such thing as religions as we know them to be.

Visit here often to see what I mean.