The intentions are good in most religions. Religions teach many good morals to people on how to treat the rest of humanity. Religions teach spirituality to uplift people’s well being. Religions teach many practical life lessons to live life successfully and fulfill one’s passions. Some religions have teachings to keep people accountable for their own actions so that they do good unto one another rather than harm.

Many religions have a very holistic teachings to inspire us to live our lives with joy and in peace. With so many religions, most with great intentions for humanity, the world should be a better place would’t it? Well yes, we can conclude that some of our civilizations are better off today than how it was in the primitive past.

But do religions really do good than harm?

I ask this question in consideration of a few historical events such as the Crusades, the burning and drowning of witches in Salem Massachusetts, and today Arabs and Jews continue to kill each other, catholics and protestants murder each other, Hindus and Muslims assassinate and massacre each other in India and Pakistan, and Christians and Muslims continue to go at it as well.

Facts have shown that areas where religions are highly practiced there are more violence, death, and segregation compared to areas that do not have much religious beliefs. More men, woman, and children have been slaughtered, tortured, and mutilated because of religious beliefs.

I ask the question because it is a very sad thing.

I’m sure a lot of religious people reading this will have their opinions and viewpoints backed by religion or not. And I think we all should keep an opened mind about them all.

In my opinion, if I may, I believe religions do great things in their teachings as I mentioned above. What the down fall of most religious people is seeing themselves as different from other people that are not in their religion.

But the thing is, if people kept an opened mind to just listen to each other and compare the similarities of their religions rather than the differences, they will see that their beliefs are not that different at all. In fact, they pretty much teach the same things, even some of the scriptures are the same, word-for-word!

Don’t believe me? Come back here and I’ll show you proof that if there is a higher power, in which I believe there is, He, She, They, It, meant to teach us as a whole human race the same things through different translations.

The differences between religions are all an illusion. That very illusion is what has caused tragedy and deaths throughout history and it continues on today.


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