As it has been compared in the Naked Truth video/documentary in the previous post, over 16 seemingly different religions are fundamentally the same.

The only difference is the illusions that people create between their religious beliefs. Those very beliefs are the reasons for such travesty that has occurred throughout history, even now. People believe that their religions are “the better religion”, with the “better god(s)”, the “right way” to do things, etc., et cetera. But as it has been proven and compared, with evidence, most religions teach the same morals, values, ethics, and even the same stories with the same, or close to, the same characters!

So, what have we been fighting for this whole time?

What have you been arguing for this whole time?

Why is there segregation between that religion, this religion, my religion, your religion, when they’re all the same?

For one, it’s pride. Another reason, control. Yes, control…(More on that next time)

“…The strongest part of our religion today is its unconscious poetry.” – Matthew Arnold


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