This will probably be one of my most controversial website/blog I will ever publish.

I decided to write this blog to voice my opinion and perspectives of the subject(s) related to religion.

Why do I feel so inclined to write about religion? What makes me an authority on religion? Well, I’m not an authority. Again, this is just my opinion. The goal is to provide the world with my perspective and add to the collective knowledge so that we all can learn from one another asĀ one.

My perspective is comprised of what I have learned and experienced throughout my relatively young life. I have come to my conclusions by keeping an open mind with other people’s opinions, beliefs, and religions with respect. I always have the attitude and approach of “I don’t know anything”, as Socrates used to have as well. Having this type of mentality kept me always striving to learn. I’ve listened, studied, asked questions, and questioned, all to strive to better the quality of me and my family’s lives.

It is quite interesting when you keep an open mind. What begins to happen is you get to see the “bigger picture” of the world. I’ve found seemingly unrelated aspects of things somehow are connected, related, and connects the dots to make up the bigger picture.

So I ask you to approach this blog with respect and an open mind as I’ve have respect and an open mind to you, your beliefs, and your religion(s). I’m no different nor any better than you. I am actually a part of you…

Stay with me to see how…

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