My first post!

What isĀ paganism?

It is just another religion derived from another religion, that derived from another, that was taught by another, that was left to us by something greater than us.

I’m not an atheist. I’m not a devil worshipper. I’m not a pastor nor a preacher.

I believe in what religions teach. I practice to my best ability to follow the moral teachings of religions. I pray. I am grateful for everything that has been provided for me. I try to do what I am intended to do or what I am good at or passionate about. Some say it is God’s purpose for me.

But I don’t believe in the illusion that we have created on religions. That illusion is not even about what is taught in religions, but what we think differs our so called religions. The differences we think we have from one another is all just an illusion.

There is no such thing as religions as we know them to be.

Visit here often to see what I mean.

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